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Best life advice

In this life you are alone, friends come and go, sometimes family doesn’t understand. Do what you must when you must and always make sure the only regret you have in your life is that you tried your best. Your dreams are yours and yours alone to both dream and achieve, don’t spend your whole […]

Dungaree diaries #2

This is my first diy dungaree diaries projects, it’s one of my designs. Since I’m such a dungaree lover I’ve decided to concentrate soley on making dungarees hope you like it. If you like this post please like share follow and comment. Also you can follow me on Instagram @mmeme_mbambo

Dungaree diaries #1

This is one of my many dungaree sews this year, it’s a mixture of two materials and and two colors #blackandbrown. Hope you like it, if you like it you can follow me on Instagram @mmeme_mbambo to see more of my designs and diy projects. Please don’t forget to like share follow and comment.

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