Where to seek guidance

Today when I woke up I started thinking about life in general. Looking at my age I realized that I have not aged even a single day I still feel young enough, And even my seventy year old grandfather still feels the same and that’s when I came to the realization that only our bodies age not our souls. No matter how old a person is their soul will still be as young as they were the day they came into this world. The only difference between me and my grandfather is that he has done every mistake that I am yet to make,he has made his fair choices of mistakes and bad choices in life and he has seen the right way to go about in life but I have not.

Somehow I have realised that when an elderly person tells you that what you are doing is wrong or you are making a big mistake and bad choices it may not be clear to us young ones in the present and we might even prove them wrong in the short run but in the long run you will discover that they were right and you will be proved wrong.

Sure it’s okay to make mistakes in life but don’t go about making mistakes that you can avoid because some will remain a reminder in life and will haunt you forever. If you are young live,explore, discover but don’t rush life your time will come.

Don’t fight for lost causes ask those who have walked down those roads only they can guide you to your destination.

Don’t bother discovering things that have already been discovered just learn from everyone even your own mistakes avoid those that you have been warned about and you will see how smooth life will be for you
By the time you reach your final years don’t let your heart be filled with regrets but let it be satisfied with how you lived your live.

Learn from those who have walked down the path


12 thoughts on “Where to seek guidance

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  2. capost2k

    “He has put eternity into man’s heart.” Ecclesiastes 3:11
    I have heard some say, “Make your own mistakes; don’t let others have all the fun!” 😉
    But that humorous advice ignores the more potent reality that there is no need to make mistakes others have made before. We also say, “No need to reinvent the wheel.” Much pain can be avoided heeding your advice in this blog.
    Check out Billy Joel’s song after he had considered suicide:

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