What are the things that matter in life

Everytime you are looking at yourself you begin to think that ‘why am I so short,why am I so fat, why am I so thin, why am I so dark or even black, why do I have such huge lips, why do I have such an improper body’.

And you would end up spending most of your time trying to fix your self. Well let me tell you a little something, you can’t fix something that’s not broken. You are perfect just as you are trust me you don’t need any adjustments or improvements you are fine.

A wise man once said to me there is no such thing as a normal person, just because the society in your area does not appreciate thick or short people does not mean that you are abnormal for all we know maybe you could be the only normal person there. Maybe they are all too tall or too short and that leaves you to be the only normal one.

Rather than focusing your energy on something you can’t change, why not focus it on things that really matter like doing some self improvement on your self. Why don’t you take the time you spend on self pity and learn a new hobby or sharpen your skills, You know that, that extra forty five minutes a day reading a book won’t kill anyone.

If you learn to love your self and appreciate yourself for who you are then you are most likely to attract positive energy in your life. You will see quite an improvement in your work life, relationships and mostly your mind will be at ease.

But if you spend most of your time pitying yourself. Or always worried then you are most likely not going to succeed in everything you do because you would be allowing bad energy to flow into your life. You will see things happenings just the way you predicted they would turn out only because if your mind starts thinking that something bad will befall you and you get really invested on that then bad things are bound to take place.

Similarly if you think you are ugly, irregular, imperfect, abnormal or even disabled then other people will also start to view you in that manner and your worst fears will confirmed and immediately the depression door will open.

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4 thoughts on “What are the things that matter in life

  1. CGraith

    It’s hard though to maintain a well of self confidence, isn’t it? That’s why a kind, sincere word of encouragement to even those who appear to be ‘perfect’, goes a long way to support someone in life. Happy Blogging!

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    1. tndos

      Yes that’s very true we mustn’t stomp each other down by saying nasty things to each other, we must try to make sure that everything that comes out of our mouth is not poison but instead things that build

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