Simply hobbies that are also lifetime skills

They change your world

At times you just run out of things to do and you end up getting bored at home because when you are doing nothing times seems to stop moving. Ever noticed how long holidays or weekends are if you are free, Or how boring life can be if you do the same things everyday and you end up getting lost in your own world, Well I got just the thing for you.

Today I got up lazy, brushed my teeth and did everything that I do everyday and I noticed that I have a routine on my life or I’m living a routine thus I decided to try out some new things that I can do to improve my mind and skills so I decided to do a little research on hobbies that I can try out and the results were great and I just decided to write about these hobbies that can change your life.

Hobby number one

(1)Art stuff
If you like drawing, mixing colours and writing you can try out any one of these (Painting, Drawing and Writing ) all of these if mastered correctly can prove to be quite profitable who knows maybe you can prove to be the next Picasso of our generation.

You can learn how to make different types of dishes at home. Learning how to cook boosts your confidence, it makes you happy, saves you take away money, increases you knowledge and expertise on food. It can prove to be helpful or an advantage someday.

(3) Learning a new language
Learning a new language can prove to be quite helpful in most cases and is a skill which can also be used to make money e.g you can work as a translator. Learning a new language improves your memory, gives you the ability to multitask and better lestening and communication skills.

(4) Writing
Writing help’s to create a winder imagination it decreases stress,helps you to relax boosts your self esteem increases your communication skills and is quite an admirable skill

(5)learn to play a new musical instrument
Learning to play musical instruments is quite easy if mastered relieves stress, makes you happier, it builds your confidence, makes you patience and is worth it also proven to be a skill if mastered.

(6) Exercise
Exercising is quite healthy, it promotes good health, it improves your mental health and mood, reduce your risk of heat disease, boosts your confidence and helps you to quit smoking.

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