Effective communication

I would like to say that I believe that effective communication is the interaction between any individual’s in a manner that they both understand each other

Hence in this part of my blog I have decided to write about how to talk to your child peacefully and effectively when they have done bad or when they have done that thing that really agitates you badly

Steps to follow before confrontation.

Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale the air slowly, this will help you to calm down and this helps you to clear your mind and relax.

Carefully consider what you are gonna say. Carefully think about how you will be reacting through out the conversation and how you are gonna make him or her realize their mistake or make them realize that they’ve done wrong and need to correct their error, without making them feel like a criminal.

How to call him or her. Call him or her calmly to avoid scaring him or her off, As soon as they come don’t look at them with talking eyes.

How to talk to the child. Calmly tell the child to sit down and ask him to relay the story to you again, try to see the story from his point of view, delay correction and gather more information try to respond to criticism with empathy, don’t shame or ridicule them. Listen to him carefully and don’t bring up past mistakes.

Let them share their opinion. Try to make him or her understand you and why you are disagreeing with him or her, treat the child with respect and ask for the same back

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