How to get rid of all your problems in life

Living the best life can somehow prove to be a very difficult thing as you are always swamped with things to do so much that you rarely get the time to just breathe and relax.

If it’s not work, then it’s the kids,if not the kids, you are probably stressing over something else. To live the best life without stress, and anxiety you have to be willing to compromise on a lot of things e.g the types of food intake (you can’t be eating fast foods everyday and expect to live a healthy life).

Well here’s a guide from me to you about how to live your best life.

-{1} Do less planning and thinking.

Most of the time when we set out to do specific things we just get so hooked up on planning those things and end up overthinking them so much that we end up leaving them as just plans in our journal, Rather than spending time and thinking what to do when you are free or during a holiday I would advice you to just pick up that suitcase and go on that dream vacation or just pick up that camera and record that first video for your dream you tube channel. You will see the rest will do it’s self, because in most cases we humans forget that we cannot simply plan for life as we are not the ones in charge. Anything can happen to you today or tomorrow so just always make sure that you live your best life without regret. Remember life is full of uncertainties.

-{2} Exercise regularly and eating healthy.

Exercising helps to de-stress and also helps to keep your body healthy and in shape. You will always find that after exercising you will feel a little more happy and a little more fresher

Eating healthy has always been a drag to most of us because want we don’t know is that, that on less burger or fried chips actually makes a difference, what we don’t know is that a burger less is a more healthy life and a burger more is always a crisis in your health matters in the near future. It’s always nobody’s fault when you are lying on your death bed having to die early because of an unhealthy eating lifestyle {but it’s always you who is dying and not the guy who actually sells fast foods which are unhealthy}.

If you are skeptical about this or addicted to fast foods, start slowly decrease your daily inputs of fast foods every day or so and then use the compound effect you will see after a few months the results and also go see a doctor if you feel it might be too late

To be continued………….

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