Part two (How to get rid of all your problems)

Greetings to you all,today I added two more things that will help you live a great and wonderful life and how to get rid of all your problems in life

{3}- Be true to yourself

Most of the times you will discover that half of the things we as people do are not actually doing it for ourselves but for others, you know just so we could feel relavant and accepted by the society or the people. We actually have these hundreds of fake friends that are always there when things are good but tend to disappear when the going gets tough. I don’t know why but we always feel the need to please them by doing certain tasks or by acquiring certain thing’s (ie, the trandiest new fashions), we always have to update them and show them that we are living the best life that one can ever live, Sometimes you have to do things or wear things that make you feel inappropriate just so they could give you a thumbs up(👍) and you will feel happy for that moment in time only to go back to the beginning of that cycle all over again.

Well the best advice that I can ever give is that “Always stay original to your true self” no one can ever usurp that right from you and no one can ever force you to change yourself, because it’s not possible only you can ever truly have an impact in how you want to live your life. And only your originality can give you true happiness, if you are happy with who you are you will never feel the need to change your self, but you will be able to love yourself, care for yourself like no one can ever do. (NB if you are happy about who you are ,you like yourself and are original, chances are high that other people will like you because people like things that are authentic , And only happy people in the world can help spread positivity and happiness.)

{4}- Be content with what you have.

Being sad or unhappy can truly be a problem or challenge in life, mainly due to the fact that we are always hungry for more, we always spend so much of our time mopping over the things that we do not have so much that we end up not realising what wonderful gifts we have and the many things that we are blessed with. We always think that to be happy we have to own certain things like that big house in the most expensive suburb, you know drive that latest car, wear the latest brands and have that supermodel superstar body.

When all of those things are actually material things, things that are not permanent they just come to pass they are not meant to stay. If you think that you have a bad body that is perhaps too thin or too fat know this you are blessed and have have been gifted this body use it wisely and remember that not all of us have two arms and two legs some people are walking on wheel chairs some are bedridden and worse so just be glad that you have a body and the rest can always be fixed, You know you can always exercise to be fit and healthy but you can never exercise and grow a pair of legs, always appreciate yourself and what you have.

I once met someone one who had been told that they would be wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives or could never be able to walk ever again, to my surprise that person was not sad or depressed they were just happy that they had the gift of life and that’s when I started to believe that they was no such thing as disability

You can and you will achieve things if you truly want to. Happy new year

There is no such thing as impossible, impossible is just a word

Always believe in your self, your biggest strength is your ability to dream

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