Life adviceHow to heal from past mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in life whether big or small they are all mistakes never bother yourself about things you cannot change, If it’s done then it’s done the best you can do is to learn from it and make sure that history doesn’t repeat it’s self.

Mistakes happen and they are very common, just make sure that you do not purposely make mistakes that you can avoid because very often the price to pay is high.

If you have made mistakes in the past and you would like to reform but you can’t because no matter how much you try you can’t seem to forget or forgive yourself just know that blaming yourself won’t help either you have to start healing slowly maybe one day at a time, accept it that you made these mistakes and acknowledge that there’s nothing you can do now and try by all means not to be caught up in things like that again and try to be careful and good.

Time is a very unique thing it has the ability to heal and work on everything. Use it wisely and to your best interest.

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