How to win today

Great morning marks a great day

Ever wondered just how a single bath in the morning can help you change your day.

Well I usually wake up at 4am in the morning go to the borehole and get some water and return at about ten past to twenty past five depending on the line there.

When I come back from there I’m usually tired so I sit down for maybe ten to fifteen minutes and then start to clean the house sweep the yard.

At half past six I’m usually done with everything, it’s then that I just sit and doze of in the sofa. This usually happens everytime and every day and the whole afternoon gets ruined cause I will be feeling tired the whole day and the dya will seem much much more longer than normal

But all of that can be avoided, I began noticing just how everything seemed to be different if I took a bath in the morning, it’s like the whole day would change, everthing would change. As soon as I took a bath after all that work I would feel refreshed all that tiredness would just disappear. My day would be so long that I could decide it into three sections, the morning, the afternoon and the evening.

It’s like as soon as you take that bath you wash away all the tiredness, the fatigue, and all that laziness

If you bath early in the morning you will feel more refreshed than someone who didn’t, you will know as to how to spend your day, you can even carry out yesterday’s today plans perfectly because you will be in sync and in form

Wake up early
Bath early
And approach your day

N:B take a little shower in the evening if you can

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