Motivational talk of the day.

I’ve been waiting for so long for a miracle to happen, Everyone has lost hope, through the dark I am all alone, having absolutely nothing to lose I shall venture deep enough until the darkness begins to disappear.

When the odds are against me and all the stacks are up and higher, I have but no choice other than to continue, though it seemingly seems that in this journey called life I have come so far that it is further to go back and darker ahead, I feel so lost and so scared that I no longer know what to do.

I am neither moving forward nor backward, I’m only standing still, Time has passed in the form of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and finally years yet nothing has changed even the wind continues to blow in the same direction.

Whatever it might be I shall wipe off the tears and take control. If I fail to believe in myself then who ever will. If I fail to understand myself then who will.

It seems no one is ever gonna give me the helping hand or no one is willing to do so. But that won’t get me down, I’ve been down for too long, it’s high time I pulled up my socks. It’s time I showed everybody my truest self, my truest capabilities, it’s high time I start believing in my self.

It’s time I fought for my sit up there, it’s high time I conquered my way to the top, it’s high time I fought my way into victory, it’s high time I earned my own spot at the table of kings. It’s time that I become a king myself. It’s high time that I get a “You deserve it”only because I worked very hard for it, And so do you.

The minute you give something translates directly to the second you begin to receive it.

In life if you need to be loved or anything else then just start by bieng more loving to others.

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