Self improvement and self reflection

# self love


If I wasn’t an obese, shy, quite and unemployed young man who looked like he was 40, has no fashion style, lacks confidence, has no self esteem and lacks self love. WOULD YOU HOLD MY HAND EVERYWHERE YOU GO AND WOULD I BECOME VISIBLE TO YOUR LOVE ?”


My accepting you won’t change the way you think about yourself, it won’t change your reality and certainly wouldn’t change the way you are and it wouldn’t make you any less to insecure, So before you allow me to love you, first accept who you are, embrace who you are and learn to love yourself. Only then can your life be great.

What is your one answer, comment below on the comments section and let me hear what you think.

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15 thoughts on “Self improvement and self reflection

  1. tndos

    Great answer but my answer is “If I’ve grown to love you then your appearance won’t make a difference. Instead of worrying about your appearance you should focus on your personality and attitude towards people because those are what really matter”

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  2. seekingdivineperspective

    As one who also could not accept myself at first, I can tell you that you don’t need me to hold your hand wherever you go.
    But I can introduce you to the One who can help you. He created you for a reason, and He loves you the way you are, although He loves you too much to leave you the way you are. He wants you to learn to love yourself and become all that He created you for. He will hold your hand every day as you move toward that goal, and He will love you for the rest of your life.

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  3. thesupermode

    Great answer. My answer would also be on the same lines. “If you are unable to accept and love yourself, no amount of external validation has the power to change your thought process. If you find someone who grows to like you taking into account all of the shortcomings that you’ve pointed out in yourself, it will be a temporary relief for your mind that’s conscious if these so called flaws. A long term measure is to accept who you are in it’s entirety and love yourself enough to be able to take complete ownership and responsibility of your life.

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