Surprise {the power of being aware}

#Life and it’s surprise

Surprise —— it is the element of being caught unaware or unknowingly

Have you ever been surprised by something in life. Or has life ever surprised you. Most of us live our lives as the surprised, we are always unaware of what’s gonna happen next.

Rush in life, never be late. Dont let the winter come and find you without a fireplace you will freeze to death. Never be caught unaware this is your life OWN IT.

Don’t allow time to pass you without you even noticing, Either you be on time or you get ahead of time.

Let your success become the lighting that strikes anyway and anytime. Surprise yourself by how far you can go, by how far you can endure and by how much you can do.

Only perception matters don’t be disturbed and distracted by your past mistakes and life’s failure’s. Be aware of your surrounding, your strength and your will power don’t allow time, life and failure to work the element of surprise on you. Be aware and always ready.

You are more intelligent than you think and far more stronger than you ever guessed. Don’t let failure, disappointments and life beat you to death. LIVE Outstandingly. It’s never too late

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11 thoughts on “Surprise {the power of being aware}

  1. JanBeek

    Yes, it is so important that we be … “aware of [our] surrounding, [our] strength and [our] will power” – and tap in to our inner strength. Thank you for the reminder. Best wishes for a ton of followers to be positively impacted by your encouragement ❤ Thanks for responding to JanBeek. Have a Thoughtful Thursday ❤

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    1. 🌈Rainbow🌈 Post author

      Yeah I can relate to that as well some months ago I got the biggest saddest surprise I had ever had in my life it was that a friend of mine had committed suicide i was crushed heartbroken and scared ever since then I’ve just told my self that I need to be aware of my environment and trust me I do like surprises but I try my best to be aware



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