The meaning of Easter

Jesus died for all our sons and rose again

I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe Jesus was offered as a sacrifice just so you and I can live a better life, just so you and I can live a life free of sin.

Every year during the first week of April there is a Passover feast, A Passover feast is a feast whereby we remember Jesus Christ on the cross. We as humans were given a chance, A chance to live an everlasting life amd a chance to live a happy life only through Jesus Christ on the cross.

A life free of sin is a life free of worries, sin makes us miserable, even though we don’t realize it sin makes us unhappy. Jesus Christ on the cross did not bind us to a life of rules and regulations but he freed us from the life of sin, He made us worthy beings.

Before you were, Jesus Christ already loved you. The minute you were born his love for you did not change, Jesus Christ died for everyone on the cross, he died for me and you, he died so we could be freed, he sacrificed himself for you and I. And even though we didn’t know him yet and hadn’t accepted him, he didn’t back out, he still died for you and me.

Jesus died so we could live, Jesus Christ died so we could live free from sin, he died so we could live. JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU.

Happy Easter everyone

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5 thoughts on “The meaning of Easter

  1. capost2k

    The deception of sin is the same as it was in the Garden of Eden; who will you believe? The Creator who made you for ultimate unlimited joy, or the short-cutter who tells you God is lying.
    β€œTry this, and you’ll be better off, happier.”
    Behind every temptation is a bald-faced LIE!
    Blessings on you, and looking forward to meeting you one day, in Heaven if not before. πŸ˜‰

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    1. 🌈Rainbow🌈 Post author

      Yeah that’s very true behind every temptation is a very big lie, if you look behind the temptation you will see that the lie exists.
      In this very short life that I have lived I’ve realized that sin makes us miserable and most of the time we don’t sin for ourselves but just to fit in with the crowd.

      Thank you for commenting and stopping by happy Easter capost2k

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