Self improvement {Establishing yourself healing wounds}

Life is a gift, use it and live it.

It’s true how you can’t always fix the broken but you can always try and mend it

We can’t always change reality but we can always change the way we feel about it.

Scars might remain but wounds always heal, the more you treat the wounds the less likely they are to remain

You can always choose to treat scars as reminders, lessons, things you can learn from or you can choose to make them become things that hold you back in life, things that prevent you from moving on and things that cage and lock you in the past

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17 thoughts on “Self improvement {Establishing yourself healing wounds}

  1. Brian Balke

    As it was said, again and again, “Your faith has healed you” All healing begins with a surrender to love. In my experience, almost everyone who has hurt me was doing what was done to them, looking for someone strong enough to show them how to heal. But there is only one with that strength, of whom it was said “Why do you call me good? There is only one who is good,” and all that is good arises from Him. God is love.

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    1. Rainbow Post author

      Yes that’s very true and inspiring, we should all know and acknowledge that God is the only one who can get us through the toughest of times, through him we are whole

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