Life Question {Find your purpose in life}

When you were born you didn’t just pop out from your mother’s womb, From the moment you were born a great part of the plan of your life was bieng fulfilled, By bieng born alive and well you managed to fulfill one of the greatest obstacles in life because not so many of us manage to survive in the womb and come out of the womb still breathing and alive.

Bieng born alive was the first thing that should have alerted you that you were a conqueror, a fighter a survivor and a strong person. You weren’t just born for no reason. You were born for a reason, you were born because you had a purpose, a purpose that no other man can ever fulfill, a purpose that is destined only for you.

Never mind the toughness, hardness, difficulties and sorrow’s of your life. Just know that you were meant to do more and be more.

Remember life is a journey, unless you find your purpose your journey can never be completed. Your purpose will lead you to your destination.

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19 thoughts on “Life Question {Find your purpose in life}

  1. capost2k

    Actually, most pregnancies are successful. Only about 15% miscarry. March of Dimes says this estimate is too low and claims without evidence that the rate is closer to 50%, but that helps fill their coffers when they make appeals for support.
    But in any case we ARE born with purpose. In fact, we are conceived with purpose as life begins then, not at birth.
    See Psalm 139:13-16 and Isaiah 49:1. And these verses would suggest that God has a purpose for them, even when children do not make it into the world. ❀️&πŸ™, c.a.

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