The power behind a No in life

You are stronger and more powerful

If it wasnt for all those people who said no even when a yes was in order you probably wouldnt be here today.

If it was’nt for all those hard knocks in life all those stumbles. And all those moments that made you feel like you were never ever gonna amount to anything in life then you probably wouldnt be here today.

What does’nt kill you makes you stronger. Changing your mindset helps a lot in defining situations i.e A GLASS IS NEVER HALF EMPTY BUT ALWAYS HALF FULL.

Its the same with an egg and potato. The same water that haddens an egg softens the potato. ITS FULLY ON YOU WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO BE A POTATO OR AN EGG. but whatever you choose dont let your decision be impacted or influenced by other peoples thoughts about.

My point is dont allow previouse failures, bad breaks to dictate your future for you. #YOU ARE POWERFUL.


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19 thoughts on “The power behind a No in life

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  2. capost2k

    Actually, I think Nietzsche’s quote about getting stronger from what does not destroy you should be obviously false. Some things, e.g., an accident may break your legs, but the injury surely doesn’t help you run. That said, the intent of this blog is mostly correct: what happens TO you is less important than HOW you respond to it. The boiling water illustration is spot ON! 😎
    And as a physicist-wanna-be, the glass is ALWAYS full, either of air or water! πŸ˜…
    Final note, I am not powerful, but I serve Jesus, who even death could not conquer. So if He is with me, who can be against me? Romans 8:18-37 “We are more than conquerors through Him who loves us.”

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      1. moribascorner

        It is manner of how one looks at things… to prove one wrong, only serves to elevate oneself and denigrate the other… and this may not be necessary…

        To be given the opportunity to rethink, allows one to change one’s mind without loosing face.

        eg. In the piece you wrote, you said:


        But one can also say the glass is ALWAYS full… since no portion of the glass contains a vacuum, the glass is half full of a substance… and half full of air… so the glass is full…

        It is a manner of how one looks at things…


      2. Rainbow Post author

        Yeah thats one great way to say it also.
        Perception is always key when it comes to defining situations you can either take it one way or the other
        Anywhere thanks for the comment and support have a blessed day😊😊


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