A little idea goes a long way

I’m sure most of you will be pretty surprised hearing from me, I mean it’s been like what six total months since I last appeared or even posted on WordPress, which to me has felt like eternity.

I don’t know how it’s been on the other side of the world but I where I live it’s been hell, things have been changing from worse to I don’t know worser or even worsest. But what I know is that probably 2021 was by far the worst year of my life. And I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who’s been feeling like that. 2021 might have hit people hard but as for me and those around me, It was bad

From the month of June to the mid November 2021 even I was in a helplessness state, I was sad, hopeless and couldn’t even dream of a better future anymore I wasn’t living I was just breathing.

But luckily it seems life has a way of pushing back into reality, if I’m not mistaken on the 25 of November I received an sms on my cell phone and it was an invite to a the AMPLIFYING GIRLS VOICES THROUGH DIGITAL ARTS it was sort of like a seminar and oh my, little did I know that, that seminar would change my life and my way of thinking.

At the seminar they spoke about a lot of things but what reached me the most was what they asked everyone to do which was To CHALLENGE OURSELVES and help change our lives as well as of those around us.

When I got home I quickly started reading their little booklet and I realized something, in all the years I have in my neighborhood and city there wasn’t even one girl who had achieved in life and had become successful on her own. And so I thought I thought to myself what can I do to change my life as well as of those around.

The answer came as a questions, In my neighborhood they are many soccer clubs for boys and may other sports and stuff that supports and enhance the life and growth of a boy child but why are they none for girls ?

There is no platform that empowers girls sow why not do it myself. And so from that moment the Nkulumane Pink Panther’s Netball Club was formed from thought to reality it grew and today that idea that was planted as a seed is now a bud pushing and growing with hopes of becoming a huge 🌲 tree one day.

Nkulumane Pink Panthers netball Club

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