Motivational quotes #1 for 2023

You are much more than that. #capable

If there’s anybody on this whole planet who can do it, then it’s you, only you, Never doubt yourself or your potential, dig deep there’s always a reserve for you, in you.

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3 thoughts on “Motivational quotes #1 for 2023

  1. C.A. Post

    Actually, one of the myths of most “hero” movies is that only ONE person can find the meteor, discover the truth, decode the mysterious cypher, save the day. There are very few and rare cases where you are the ONLY one who can do something. You may be the only one WILLING to do so, but you are nor that unique that others could not do it IF they were willing.
    And someday you may “dig deep” and find your reserve is completely gone. Let’s hope not, but it happens.
    Reeeeally cool picture of the ant!! πŸ˜‰



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