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Self improvement and food for the soul.

Why do we fight to live if we are living to die.

“I strongly believe that life is not meant to be lived but to be endured.”

Bad things do happen to good people, whether we like it or not the odds of bad luck befalling us are always up and higher. Being good in life does not mean that life will run smoothly for you, Just as you expect good things to happen to you also expect and prepare for the opposite.

Life is not fair, most of us do not live life but we survive it, Yes I know it’s unsettling but it’s the reality. Life is what happens to is when we are busy preparing for it, and most of the time we hardly like what life has in store for us. To survive life we have to be able to endure it and to endure it we have to have patience.

I often ask myself this question “WHY DO WE FIGHT TO LIVE IF WE ARE LIVING TO DIE.” But most of the time I just convince myself that that’s just the way it is, You know once I knew someone who committed suicide because things were bad in life and nothing was ever going right, everything was just a mess and so at the age of eighteen he thought he was better of dead than alive and yes he succeeded in doing so and today he is no More.

It you ever feel like that in life always remember out there they is someone who’s always had it worse than you, we are all fighting our own battles, that no one but ourselves can ever win. Consider everything as a test in life, choose to be a NEVERTHELESS person in life. “Even though life is difficult and not working out for me nevertheless I will keep on trying”

Being a Nevertheless person, it means that no matter what the conditions and situation are in your life you know that it won’t always stay that way and things will get better.

So to answer my question today we fight to live even though we’re living to die because that’s how it’s meant to be. That’s how our lives are supposed to be. That’s how life is.

No life is perfect and ready for you to live you have to create your own life, one that you will live, like and love.

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Self improvement, motivation, life and life advice

The grass is always greener on the other side

I thought you said there’s was nothing which you couldn’t do, Are you gonna quit and pretend like it never happened, are you just gonna move on. That would be acting like a loser, No as a matter of fact that would be admitting and accepting to yourself that you are a loser.

Just ask yourself this one question don’t answer to me but to yourself “what have you got to lose if you continue”

It never easy to climb a mountain but the how is always great and best at the top, whatever you do make sure even if it’s a choice that you make, make sure that you don’t regret it later.

I mean the gain is always hardly the loss, believe in yourself and do what makes you happy even if the process is long and tiresome know that no man has ever achieved success without stumbling on failure several times first.

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Be content with what you have, remember hard work pays

Often enough people screw up their lives, drive themselves deep enough into the darkness so much that they get lost in the dark. Soon they start thinking all about the mistakes they have done and end up getting depressed, when they see themselves in their lowest and so down to earth they begin the blame game.

Now it’s somebody else’s fault that you failed in life, it’s never your own fault but someone’s else. If things weren’t like this then my life would be better. Had I never known you then I wouldn’t be in this situation, had things been different then maybe I could be somewhere in life.

You start thinking of a way to escape your misery in life. SUICIDE it’s always the first option you think of, maybe dying would be so much better than living, some of you think that constant mopping is the key, if I always think about my problems and my difficult situation in life maybe somehow it will go away. Some think that neglecting their health, families and lives is the key hence they start to stay alone driving everyone who cares away.

Little do you know how your actions impact everyone around you, the minute you start blaming others for your own mistakes you are charging and finding them guilty of being inhuman and being insesitive. You are indirectly telling them that they are the one’s who are solely responsible for everthing, And trust me being the other guy hurts more than you would imagine, there is nothing more hurtful on earth than being responsible for any hurt or torment caused to another individual. To you it may pass with time but for the accused the wounds may heal but the scars remain.

Never blame anyone for your own mistakes, Accept that you have made a mistake, find a way to move on and focus on the future, keep it in mind that to err is human, Something’s are not in our control

Bad things may have been done to us even though we are good people, we might always be in despair. You might be even thinking why don’t you ever achieve greatness even though you work so hard, Why do you constantly have to be up and running daily just so you can get your daily bread and butter. Why is life so bitter for you if you are so kind, Why are things always going wrong for you if you are so good to everyone and why doesn’t life work out for you if it’s working out for everyone.

Well the truth is that life has a way of working it’s self out, I personally think that your struggles are what define you, if you see yourself going through these hurdles in life that seem to be never ending, these troubles that are always popping up. Don’t worry it’s life that is teaching you, preparing you and moulding you for a better future, just as there is day and night, it’s always gonna be dark before the sun rises and so is your life just know that even thought the sunrise may be longer than expected nothing is ever gonna be able to stop the sun from rising.

Get rid of those weary and worrysome thoughts and start living for today and tomorrow, A lot awaits you.

Live in today and tomorrow forget yesterday, shine brighter than a diamond and you will never be troubled.

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Life questions

How do you measure a man’s worth?
Through his gains or through what he gives

Life quotes

Life is no brief candle for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.

George Bernard Shaw

Life adviceHow to heal from past mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in life whether big or small they are all mistakes never bother yourself about things you cannot change, If it’s done then it’s done the best you can do is to learn from it and make sure that history doesn’t repeat it’s self.

Mistakes happen and they are very common, just make sure that you do not purposely make mistakes that you can avoid because very often the price to pay is high.

If you have made mistakes in the past and you would like to reform but you can’t because no matter how much you try you can’t seem to forget or forgive yourself just know that blaming yourself won’t help either you have to start healing slowly maybe one day at a time, accept it that you made these mistakes and acknowledge that there’s nothing you can do now and try by all means not to be caught up in things like that again and try to be careful and good.

Time is a very unique thing it has the ability to heal and work on everything. Use it wisely and to your best interest.

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Have a great and stunning day

How to get rid of all your problems in life

Living the best life can somehow prove to be a very difficult thing as you are always swamped with things to do so much that you rarely get the time to just breathe and relax.

If it’s not work, then it’s the kids,if not the kids, you are probably stressing over something else. To live the best life without stress, and anxiety you have to be willing to compromise on a lot of things e.g the types of food intake (you can’t be eating fast foods everyday and expect to live a healthy life).

Well here’s a guide from me to you about how to live your best life.

-{1} Do less planning and thinking.

Most of the time when we set out to do specific things we just get so hooked up on planning those things and end up overthinking them so much that we end up leaving them as just plans in our journal, Rather than spending time and thinking what to do when you are free or during a holiday I would advice you to just pick up that suitcase and go on that dream vacation or just pick up that camera and record that first video for your dream you tube channel. You will see the rest will do it’s self, because in most cases we humans forget that we cannot simply plan for life as we are not the ones in charge. Anything can happen to you today or tomorrow so just always make sure that you live your best life without regret. Remember life is full of uncertainties.

-{2} Exercise regularly and eating healthy.

Exercising helps to de-stress and also helps to keep your body healthy and in shape. You will always find that after exercising you will feel a little more happy and a little more fresher

Eating healthy has always been a drag to most of us because want we don’t know is that, that on less burger or fried chips actually makes a difference, what we don’t know is that a burger less is a more healthy life and a burger more is always a crisis in your health matters in the near future. It’s always nobody’s fault when you are lying on your death bed having to die early because of an unhealthy eating lifestyle {but it’s always you who is dying and not the guy who actually sells fast foods which are unhealthy}.

If you are skeptical about this or addicted to fast foods, start slowly decrease your daily inputs of fast foods every day or so and then use the compound effect you will see after a few months the results and also go see a doctor if you feel it might be too late

To be continued………….

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Effective communication

I would like to say that I believe that effective communication is the interaction between any individual’s in a manner that they both understand each other

Hence in this part of my blog I have decided to write about how to talk to your child peacefully and effectively when they have done bad or when they have done that thing that really agitates you badly

Steps to follow before confrontation.

Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale the air slowly, this will help you to calm down and this helps you to clear your mind and relax.

Carefully consider what you are gonna say. Carefully think about how you will be reacting through out the conversation and how you are gonna make him or her realize their mistake or make them realize that they’ve done wrong and need to correct their error, without making them feel like a criminal.

How to call him or her. Call him or her calmly to avoid scaring him or her off, As soon as they come don’t look at them with talking eyes.

How to talk to the child. Calmly tell the child to sit down and ask him to relay the story to you again, try to see the story from his point of view, delay correction and gather more information try to respond to criticism with empathy, don’t shame or ridicule them. Listen to him carefully and don’t bring up past mistakes.

Let them share their opinion. Try to make him or her understand you and why you are disagreeing with him or her, treat the child with respect and ask for the same back

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Early motherhood

#child not bride

At the age of twelve she was married off only to give birth to six very beautiful children over the course of thirteen years she never saw her youth for she was a mother during that time. This story is about a woman who never had the chance to be a girl, she never had the chance to be a teenager and full around, she never had the chance to go to school and be educated this she was illiterate. At the age of twelve she was married off to a polygamist man who already had 5 wives and was old enough to be her father or even grandfather. Because of the high bride price that had been paid for her she could never go back home because she had been bought by the old man and was now his possession. Her own father who was also a polygamist had sold her just like how her own mother had been sold.

This culture still goes on today even in Religious people. In Africa especially in Zimbabwe members of the indigenous apostolic church reportedly encourage girls as young as ten to marry much older men for “spiritual guidance”. Men in this church are reportedly entitled to marry girls to shield them from pre-marital sex, with girls becoming second or third wives in a polygamous marriage.

Statistics say that 34% of girls in Zimbabwe are married before the age of 18 and 5% are married before their 15th birthday.

In Africa’s poorest countries young girls drop out of school because their parents cannot afford to pay school fees, which in turn puts girls at a higher risk of being married off.

Child marriage in most cases is driven by gender inequality and the belief that girls are somehow inferior to boys.

In large parts of Africa child marriages are still a big issue that need to be addressed, What the people who are responsible for early child marriages do not get is that woman are also people and that only a girl can grow to become a woman and no young mother can ever grow to become a woman.

Have a voice and be a life changer and you will be heard

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