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Motivational quotes #1 for 2023

You are much more than that. #capable

If there’s anybody on this whole planet who can do it, then it’s you, only you, Never doubt yourself or your potential, dig deep there’s always a reserve for you, in you.

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Motivation of the week

Persistence is the key to success. Dreams are not just meant for sleeping, they can be pushed to become reality. Author unkown.

Motivation of the week

What is to be human

To err is human

To be human is to be able to love others, love yourself, accept situations just as they are, to be kind, to be able to make mistakes, to accept your mistakes, to know that you won’t always be the best, to be able to be happy for other people.

Being human is not as hard as being inhumane. Being human is a choice that one can choose to be, it is an option in life. And can never be too late to choose to be human.

Also being human is choosing to do right, choosing to have a conscience, choosing not to look down on other people irregardless of their background, color or even status and choosing to be fair by showing no partialism.

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Healing for the soul

Take a time out,take a breather.

Relax sit next to the window, take a cup of coffee enjoy it.

See everything there is to see outside, notice what you’ve never noticed before.

How do you feel now.

Appreciate everything there is to life, be thankful for everything that you’ve got, and also be aware of your surroundings.

Thank you

The old man

Let the old man weep for he has lost, Let him feel the pain for he is hurt, Let him suffer for life has been cruel to him, Let endure for he has to survive. Why doesn’t his luck turn for him when he is so kind, Why doesn’t the sun shine on him when […]

The old man

Inspirational word’s

You only live once so live outstanding

Motivation the weekend

Failing a thousand times and does not mean you are a failure it just meant you are thousand steps closer to reaching your success.

What is life

The journey of life

Life is a four letter word that represents the beginning and the end of one’s journey on earth, it represents all the decisions good or bad that one might make in this journey of life, it is a record of all the things that one goes through, and all the emotions that one discovers while they walk this journey.

The starting point of the journey of life is when one is born, the journey it’s self is when one is growing up and living life , this may be when one is a child, a teenager,and finally an adult, The finish line bieng when one dies or finally becomes one with the soil.

In this journey of life if you take shortcuts you are likely to arrive at your destination a little earlier than expected and that means you die sooner or at a young age.

Everything has its time and everyone has their own purpose in life, When you enter this world you are heavily armoured with different talents and gifts that you must use to make a difference in earth.

We are all different in a way such that we are like different pieces of a puzzle, we are very different yet together we make one grand masterpiece, we are all traveling individually different journeys but they all interlock at different intersections, in this journey of life we meet and part ways with different people that may be friends, enemies, partners or even family, But in the end we all exit this journey alone.

To be continued………… 🙏

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Self improvement, motivation, life and life advice

The grass is always greener on the other side

I thought you said there’s was nothing which you couldn’t do, Are you gonna quit and pretend like it never happened, are you just gonna move on. That would be acting like a loser, No as a matter of fact that would be admitting and accepting to yourself that you are a loser.

Just ask yourself this one question don’t answer to me but to yourself “what have you got to lose if you continue”

It never easy to climb a mountain but the how is always great and best at the top, whatever you do make sure even if it’s a choice that you make, make sure that you don’t regret it later.

I mean the gain is always hardly the loss, believe in yourself and do what makes you happy even if the process is long and tiresome know that no man has ever achieved success without stumbling on failure several times first.

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How to make money at home as a teenager

How to make money as a teen

Money is a necessity you can’t do without, originally money is gold, paper money is just like a cheque it’s another form of money just like coins of course the real money being gold.

Money is often considered evil, but I guess there is nothing we can do about it, cause when we need it, we really need it.

There are many ways a person can use to make money but here I have compiled just a few of them a teen can use as a form of making money. You can use these methods anywhere in the world ranging from MEDCS (More Economically Developed Countries), LEDCS (Less Economically Developed Countries), First World and Third World countries. Read and enjoy.


Although this cannot immediately generate an income it can somehow work as an investment for the future. First you will need to grow n audience and only then can you monetize your blog and start earning. You can ask someone to build you your own website or you can join sites that already exist and create your blog from them e.g  Bluehost and our very own WordPress, If you can't afford the plans then don't worry you can start your blog on a free plan and upgrade it later if you have gathered some cent's.

You will need to have a passion for the topic that you will be writing about and you will need to know that the numbers shouldn't matter to you as long as you are doing what you love there's nothing that can stop you from succeeding.


If you know yourself to be good at something then this is something that you should definitely try out.

Handmade crafts
If you are skillful with your hands then crafts are just the thing for you. You can try these set of crafts that I have listed below.

DIY ???????????????
If you have never come across this word then you've definitely been missing out on a lot.
D. Do
I. It
Y. Yourself
And that's the defination.

You can start some diy projects for yourself and here I have compiled a few of them that can help make money for you.


  • Baking and selling cookies
  • Extra lessons to others kids
  • Candle making
  • Photography
  • Art teacher
  • Music lessons
  • Become a Musicians
  • Make and sell greeting cards
  • DIY by recycling old materials and making them new e.g jeans to backpack
  • Sewing (you can offer altering services)
  • Bead work
  • DIY phone covers.

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The man in the mirror

Vision is power

Who’s the man in the mirror, what’s he saying to you, are you okay listening to him or does it hurt. Are you proud of the man in the mirror, Is he glad to be you and are you happy to be him.

If not listen to him ask him what needs to be done to change the way he looks at you, what needs to be done to put a smile on his face.

Engage with him, let him in, open up to him, trust him and make him become your greatest treasure.

You don’t need others to be happy you just need yourself, you just need to be yourself. So live your life just as you are don’t change just because other people don’t approve of you be yourself and be happy with who you are. Always appreciate yourself and your life.

Be content with who you are, You are a blessing to yourself and to us. Never even for once think that you are a curse and don’t deserve to succeed or to live, you are needed and you are appreciated, so thank you for being born and thank you for being just the way you are

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Life’s greatest treasure

Life as a a journey that needs preparation

Greetings to all my reader’s it’s been a week since I last wrote to you, And though a week seems like little time, a lot has happened, making me realize what really matters in life. And so I thought what better way to share my knowledge than to blog about it

Life is a journey that no man is prepared for . It is a journey that one has to start on their own, travel on their own and finish on their own. It is a journey of individuality no one but you can journey it. It is a journey that you only get to travel once in your life and it is your life. It is the journey that has never been travelled and never been explored, it is your journey

In this journey of life you’ve got many turns and pretty much get lost many times before finding your way. If you rush in this journey you will get tired and won’t be able to finish your journey, if you ignore the signs and fail to heed the advice you will get lost, stumble and get hurt so you need to be cautious and attentive.

Don’t worry about what others say, focus soley on your own journey and you will see yourself travel smoothly. Remember no shortcut, the way may be long but it’s rewarding.

Achieve what you can when you can. Have dreams and hopes in life, trust yourself to be able to fulfill those hopes and dreams, be inspired by everything that surrounds you and take a minute to appreciate life every day.

May all be well for you, I rest my case till next time signed well wisher

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Self improvement, Health and life advice

Be content with what you have, remember hard work pays

Often enough people screw up their lives, drive themselves deep enough into the darkness so much that they get lost in the dark. Soon they start thinking all about the mistakes they have done and end up getting depressed, when they see themselves in their lowest and so down to earth they begin the blame game.

Now it’s somebody else’s fault that you failed in life, it’s never your own fault but someone’s else. If things weren’t like this then my life would be better. Had I never known you then I wouldn’t be in this situation, had things been different then maybe I could be somewhere in life.

You start thinking of a way to escape your misery in life. SUICIDE it’s always the first option you think of, maybe dying would be so much better than living, some of you think that constant mopping is the key, if I always think about my problems and my difficult situation in life maybe somehow it will go away. Some think that neglecting their health, families and lives is the key hence they start to stay alone driving everyone who cares away.

Little do you know how your actions impact everyone around you, the minute you start blaming others for your own mistakes you are charging and finding them guilty of being inhuman and being insesitive. You are indirectly telling them that they are the one’s who are solely responsible for everthing, And trust me being the other guy hurts more than you would imagine, there is nothing more hurtful on earth than being responsible for any hurt or torment caused to another individual. To you it may pass with time but for the accused the wounds may heal but the scars remain.

Never blame anyone for your own mistakes, Accept that you have made a mistake, find a way to move on and focus on the future, keep it in mind that to err is human, Something’s are not in our control

Bad things may have been done to us even though we are good people, we might always be in despair. You might be even thinking why don’t you ever achieve greatness even though you work so hard, Why do you constantly have to be up and running daily just so you can get your daily bread and butter. Why is life so bitter for you if you are so kind, Why are things always going wrong for you if you are so good to everyone and why doesn’t life work out for you if it’s working out for everyone.

Well the truth is that life has a way of working it’s self out, I personally think that your struggles are what define you, if you see yourself going through these hurdles in life that seem to be never ending, these troubles that are always popping up. Don’t worry it’s life that is teaching you, preparing you and moulding you for a better future, just as there is day and night, it’s always gonna be dark before the sun rises and so is your life just know that even thought the sunrise may be longer than expected nothing is ever gonna be able to stop the sun from rising.

Get rid of those weary and worrysome thoughts and start living for today and tomorrow, A lot awaits you.

Live in today and tomorrow forget yesterday, shine brighter than a diamond and you will never be troubled.

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Growth quotes

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

— Albert Einstein

“Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

— Winston Churchill

How to successfully Catch up on new years resolutions

New year’s resolutions

If you don’t act on life, life has a habit of acting on you. It’s almost January and do you know what that means the count down to the month end is fastly approaching.

-What does that mean for you?
– What does that mean for those New year’s your resolutions that you made
-Did you just suddenly remember those resolutions that you made weeks ago?

The days slip into weeks, the weeks slip into months,the months slip into years and the years slip into never. That’s how the ordinary man lives his life, always putting things on hold and always putting things on standby in his mind thinking he has more than enough time to do them untill finally he loses sight of the things that matter and he starts living an empty life that is filled with pain and regret.

If only he knew that all of that could be changed by just one decision,one simple decision probably the easiest decision ever in life, that is to act on your ideas and vision’s

It’s the same with a new year’s resolution, you keep sidelining them and postponing them untill one day it’s another new year and you still haven’t done anything something that you were so eager to do when the year started just suddenly turned into a boring unappealing task that you just can’t do no matter how much you try.

The key to defeating this is following up on your actions and tracking your progress. If you do this daily, weekly or monthly then you are sure to see when and where you are slacking.

It’s that easy you just have to track your movements, find your weaknesses and practice consistent on your goals

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Best life lessons

Life is all about forgiving and asking for forgiveness, forgiving others gives you peace and allows you to move on in life.

It’s never too late to realise your dreams or make them a reality, now is always the right time.

Never allow your yourself to sit on the sidelines of life if you are able move.

Life doesn’t wait for anyone or anything and so should you.

Your happiness does not come from people’s approval but from your own achievements

Never delay just follow the process

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The sun will rise one day

One day I will make it

Imagine being born in a country that is Zimbabwe, a country where a teacher earns a salary of about U.S$100 a month, a country where a fast food waitress earns U.S$50 a month, a country where university students who go for attachments are not paid and they just work without pay, a country where a boy goes to school daily looking forward to a brighter future with education only to be disappointed when he reaches university and discovers that there are no jobs, A country where university graduates have no use for their certificates, after graduation you look for employment with much enthusiasm and as the days turn into months and the disappointment settles in on you, You start to look for jobs that are considered minor, even though you have a degree you compete with the uneducated folks for their jobs just so you can get your daily bread.

Life seems bleak, all hope is lost only connections can get you paying jobs, over 90% of Zimbabwe’s population is self employed, everyone and everyone is a vendor. Life is difficult, you can’t pass even two houses without seeing a vending stand. When will things get better, Even this Corona thing has made things even more worse, even those who relied on imports are now feeling the hunger.

As my grandfather loves to say “khulekela ikusasa eliqhakazileyo uzabona izinto zizontshintsha” which means ‘pray for a better future and things will change’
Is this the life that we are destined for.

Thinking about myself, I wrote my A-level exams in 2018 and passed but couldn’t afford varsity so I started an extra lessons teaching business, everything was going well, the little money which I got was enough, well untill my mother lost her job even though nobody asked me, I knew I had to start contributing a little since my father acts like a dead man when it comes to supporting his kids.

Two meals a day that’s how we survive, With my scrawny body I often wondered since most of my peers had gotten pregnant and were now married was it better to get married too, but who would want to marry me, I have a body of a 13year old who is thin and pale. And that’s when I decided that I will no longer wait for things to change I will be the one to change things, My background will not define my future.

Though I may come from a bad place I will do all I can to free my self and my family I will do whatever it takes.

Ways to reduce stress stress

Stress is your bodies reaction to challenge or demand

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension, it can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated angry or nervous, here are a few ways to reduce stress and risk of stress

Step 1 on stress reduction


-Meditating is to focus on ones mind for a period of time in silence or with the aid of chanting as a religious or spiritual purpose or as a method of relaxation
Meditation can help relieve stress in a number of ways as it helps you connect to your inner strength, it decreases anxiety, it helps you to relax and focus your thoughts to one place thus eliminating the bad ones.

Meditation also helps you to reduce and manage stress it also helps you to reverse the effects of stress, meditation releases emotional turbulence

Forms of meditation that relieve stress.

(1)Body scan meditation
(2)Mantra meditation
(3)Bath meditation.

Number 2 stress reduction


-Exercise is a physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning the body.

Exercise helps to relieve stress by increasing your bodys sense of well being and health, it helps you to gain lower blood pressure and it pumps up your endorphins.

Forms of Exercise that relieve stress.

(1) Gardening. (2)Walking. (3) Kickboxing. (4)Yoga (5)Tai Chi. (6) Bicycle riding. (7) Jogging (8) Swimming

Number 3 stress reduction activity

Lighting a candle 🕯️

Lighting a candle helps to sooth our souls, thereby reducing stress and increasing self awareness. Aromatherapy candles can help you to relax, feel calm and energised.

Types of stress relief candles.

(1)Lavender and chamomile.➡️ Helps to relax
(2)Clary sage. ➡️ Lifts mood (3) Orange. 🍊 ➡️reduce stress (4) Lemon 🍋 ➡️improves mood (5)Apple- Controls anxiety. E.t.c

Tune in next time for more

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Best motivational quotes


My new year’s resolution

This is the place where I grew up,the place where I learned to walk, speak and play. This is my community although it may seem a little rusty or perhaps a little ghetto,undeveloped and poverty stricken this little place holds the greatest treasure in life, it is peaceful, it is generally eccepting meaning it doesn’t matter who or what you are, You are always welcome, the neighbor’s always look out for each other.

The people in this community are generally kind, they might not be educated but to my surprise they are wise, they are the one’s who taught me everything I know today.

In this little place everyone knows everyone. And everyone is everyone’s responsibility and family. The people who live in this area are very wise and full of knowledge they can correct or stop you from doing wrong without arguing or showing you that you are wrong but they make you realise your mistake by yourself.

This place inspires me to do more in life, it makes me think of how much more I can do for my community, and it makes me dream big.

So for this year’s resolution which is actually my first ever big or serious resolution, I have decided that since I’m still a child and can’t really do anything big to help this community grow I have decided that I will I educate my fellow peers about the online world, I will help them grow their skills and teach them how to use social media as a form of making money, because from where I’m standing right now a lot of people my age and above are school leavers who either have degrees or certificates that are lying at home because of lack of employment in the country. So especially for people like me who have just recently finished high school and have no money for university I will inform or teach them on how to use their online presence as a tool for making money.

I know that this isn’t much but over time I have learnt that it’s the little things that count in life, who knows maybe this one little new year’s resolution might have an impact and help change someone’s life in a good and positive way.

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