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Life Question {Find your purpose in life}

When you were born you didn’t just pop out from your mother’s womb, From the moment you were born a great part of the plan of your life was bieng fulfilled, By bieng born alive and well you managed to fulfill one of the greatest obstacles in life because not so many of us manage to survive in the womb and come out of the womb still breathing and alive.

Bieng born alive was the first thing that should have alerted you that you were a conqueror, a fighter a survivor and a strong person. You weren’t just born for no reason. You were born for a reason, you were born because you had a purpose, a purpose that no other man can ever fulfill, a purpose that is destined only for you.

Never mind the toughness, hardness, difficulties and sorrow’s of your life. Just know that you were meant to do more and be more.

Remember life is a journey, unless you find your purpose your journey can never be completed. Your purpose will lead you to your destination.

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Self improvement {trust}

Trust in your hard work

I wonder why, Everytime things start to get better bad things happen. It seems that bad the bad things that happen to us always overshadow the good things that happen to us. It seems we are more prone of bad things happening to us than we are of good things.

Everytime you start making progress in your life, something happens and you end up in the same place you began. I often feel and think that life isn’t fair, But that doesn’t help me ever, sulking and getting depressed may make you feel special or better but it doesn’t make the situation any better.

No matter how bad life may seem, I believe brighter days are always in store, Believe hope and trust that things will get better and surely one day if not today they will. Focus on the good and positives of life cause no matter how little they are good things always have bigger footsteps in our lives than bad things.

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Best life advice

Work hard till you can work smart.

Hard work pays.

In life you always get what you deserve.

It’s always better to seek advice from those who have travelled the road before.

The elders are always wiser and have more knowledge.

Holding grudges leads you to an unhappy life.

It’s always easier and better to forgive rather than to revenge.

Nothing good ever comes out of envy and jealousy.

Learn and try to always be happy for others.

Treat everyone with the exact way you would like them to treat you.

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Self Development {The power of filtering bad news.}

How strong are you? Dig deep enough and you will discover that some of us just ain’t that strong enough. Our defense walls easily crumble the instant someone passes a bad comment at us.

We are vulnerable on the inside, we let stranger’s dictate to us how we should talk, how we should dress, how we should be and how we should live our lives.

We are that weak on the inside. You go out of your house feeling very confident about yourself then suddenly you meet someone or a group of people who will look at you weirdly then lough for no reason then you start feeling bad about yourself thinking there’s something wrong with you.

Trust me nothing is wrong with you, those guys who stand there on the side of the street waiting for passerbys to come pass by. They have nothing to do, their lives are pathetic and they know it, that’s why they try to make themselves feel better by loughing at people like.

Never feel bad or sorry for yourself just because someone wants you to. You are stronger than you think. Become your own man, become someone whom you believe in , become someone who you trust.

Become someone who can filter information you receive, if you hear bad things that will get you down then don’t bother processing the info just filter out everything bad.

Have the courage to stick out, when you believe in something then don’t be afraid or ashamed of it just because other people’s views don’t go hand in hand with yours. Be your own Man.

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The power of Perseverance {Endurance}

Nothing is ever permanent in life everything comes to go.

Ever felt like things weren’t ever gonna be okay or alright for you, Ever felt like you were the most unlucky person on earth, like no matter how hard you try you always end up in the same place you began.

Well this happens to the best of us, We all go through that period in our lives, The period where we get stuck in one place and the only movement that occurs is when we slide two steps backwards and one step forward repeatedly until we get tired of the process cause there won’t be any progress.

The sun is a perfect example of some of our lives, Everyday it rises, shines brighter only to set, Some days the sky may be overcast and the sun may not appear the whole day and end up setting. But that does not mean that it never rose.

You might not have noticed but the sun did rise, And if it hasn’t then it definitely will. Nothing can ever stop the sun from from coming, Nothing can ever stop summer from coming, you just have to endure the winter season and the nights cause they are never permanent, You just have to go through them, Grow through them and learn from them.

Learn to persevere, learn to be persevere and all will be well

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Forgiveness { how to use forgiveness as a tool in your life}

The power of moving on

Forgiveness is the power that will change a life of defeat into one of victory, forgiveness is intentional and voluntary. When you forgive someone or even yourself you let go of the negative emotions that will be surrounding you and in a way hindering your progress.

Forgiveness does not mean you have to forget, or you have to condone excuses and bad behavior. Forgiveness has to start somewhere, Maybe you were deeply hurt in life and no matter how much you try to move on and try to forget it’s impossible so you start hating more and begin to seek or have vengeful thoughts.

I know life is not just that you can just wake up today and forgive and forget, then it will be over and done with. Forgiveness is a process it may take a lifetime to fully heal for some wounds and some may take a little while.

But the great thing about forgiveness is that you will be freeing yourself from negativity and hate, You will be able to breathe without pain, you will be able to live freely without worries. Forgiveness allows you to move on in life. It allows you to take a stand in your own life and it allows you to have a different perspective on life, a perspective that allows you to see yourself as a Victor and not as a victim.

Forgiveness allows you to gain a Victor mentality and does away with the victim mentality. The bigger the hurt you have encountered in life the harder and more time it takes to fully forgive. Don’t rush forgiveness give it time.

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Self improvement (Make believe)

I fear for myself, the life that I am living seems to be pointless, there seems to be no point for my existence, I don’t like the way I am living, I’m afraid of my past but I’m even more scared for my future, what is my purpose. For how long am I supposed to suffer. Am I supposed to accept my life just as it is.

Or am I supposed to make a difference, to make the changes that will put me right where I wanna be, I’m sick of this poverty but I don’t know what to do to end it . Being poor seems like it’s my birthright. But what’s the point of talking and writing about it if I can’t change it.

I inherited poverty from my forefathers, nobody in my family has ever made it in life, So can I really count on my self if I wanna break free from my curse of being poor. I will force myself to be better because I am better than this, I will start by believing in my self.

If can’t believe in myself then, I will force myself to believe in me, I will force myself to rise from the dust, the finest sword goes through the hottest fire and I believe I am that sword.

My position in life today won’t hold me forever one day I will escape. And I will be an unstoppable Force that will keep on going forever. I AM INVINCIBLE

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Life has its consequences.

Don’t live life carelessly

Believe me you, life is not a fairytale where is always a happily ever after in the end, life is no movie where you get things easily and freely without ever working hard just because it’s fate, destiny or meant to be. Here in the real life you get what you deserve and nothing more than that.

Shortcuts in life will never work, they will misguide you and lead you astray. Hard work is the only thing that pays. You will always reap what you sow and not what you wish for.

All of our actions have equal but opposite consequences in our lives, if you slack off now, party hard and live life carelessly. Life will reward you for that just as you deserve to be rewarded.

In life it’s not wrong to be carefree, but always be careful of how you live your life, Remember tomorrow is another day and nothing can ever stop tomorrow from being a day. Beware of the steps you take in your life. Make sure that whatever you do today does not become a thorn or barrier in your future life.

Become more careful of how you live your life, and don’t strive to be a disappointment to yourself and the people who people in you. Think about yourself first before acting on some actions or decisions.

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Motivation of the week

Persistence is the key to success. Dreams are not just meant for sleeping, they can be pushed to become reality. Author unkown.

Motivation of the week

Self improvement and self reflection

# self love


If I wasn’t an obese, shy, quite and unemployed young man who looked like he was 40, has no fashion style, lacks confidence, has no self esteem and lacks self love. WOULD YOU HOLD MY HAND EVERYWHERE YOU GO AND WOULD I BECOME VISIBLE TO YOUR LOVE ?”


My accepting you won’t change the way you think about yourself, it won’t change your reality and certainly wouldn’t change the way you are and it wouldn’t make you any less to insecure, So before you allow me to love you, first accept who you are, embrace who you are and learn to love yourself. Only then can your life be great.

What is your one answer, comment below on the comments section and let me hear what you think.

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Self improvement and food for the soul.

Why do we fight to live if we are living to die.

“I strongly believe that life is not meant to be lived but to be endured.”

Bad things do happen to good people, whether we like it or not the odds of bad luck befalling us are always up and higher. Being good in life does not mean that life will run smoothly for you, Just as you expect good things to happen to you also expect and prepare for the opposite.

Life is not fair, most of us do not live life but we survive it, Yes I know it’s unsettling but it’s the reality. Life is what happens to is when we are busy preparing for it, and most of the time we hardly like what life has in store for us. To survive life we have to be able to endure it and to endure it we have to have patience.

I often ask myself this question “WHY DO WE FIGHT TO LIVE IF WE ARE LIVING TO DIE.” But most of the time I just convince myself that that’s just the way it is, You know once I knew someone who committed suicide because things were bad in life and nothing was ever going right, everything was just a mess and so at the age of eighteen he thought he was better of dead than alive and yes he succeeded in doing so and today he is no More.

It you ever feel like that in life always remember out there they is someone who’s always had it worse than you, we are all fighting our own battles, that no one but ourselves can ever win. Consider everything as a test in life, choose to be a NEVERTHELESS person in life. “Even though life is difficult and not working out for me nevertheless I will keep on trying”

Being a Nevertheless person, it means that no matter what the conditions and situation are in your life you know that it won’t always stay that way and things will get better.

So to answer my question today we fight to live even though we’re living to die because that’s how it’s meant to be. That’s how our lives are supposed to be. That’s how life is.

No life is perfect and ready for you to live you have to create your own life, one that you will live, like and love.

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What is life {Part 2}

Time is never on your side

In this journey of life we might have friend’s, family or even loved ones that may keep us company for a short time or even a long time on earth but in the end we will always find ourselves walking alone because our destination’s differ and that means our arrival’s and departures on earth are also different.

Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. Time is the only thing that is there forever, But we we aren’t that is why we have to conserve our time on earth and use it wisely. They say time is precious and I agree, there will come a time when all the people from our generation will cease to exist, learn from this time will always be there but we won’t, on this Earth we are only passing by. Time is not our’s to keep it’s for us to use.

As soon we are born we begin to die, this only means one thing for us and that is we are born to die, our time living or on earth is limited, we live on borrowed time and one day it’s gonna run out and we are gonna have to give it back.

Live your life in such a way that you will achieve all you can ever achieve and still e happy, don’t become friends with procrastination it will cheat you and leave you sad, alone and out of time.

Excell in living by being on time, Do everything in time and you will never get tired, in this journey of life don’t rush things and don’t jump growing up just because you wanna be an adult, You will get old before your time and you will arrive at your destination earlier than expected and that means an early departure for you and directly results in you dying early or living a very short life.

Don’t experiment with things that are not yet of your age they will mess you up. Rather be a kid if you are a kid, don’t rush Life cause it will rush you also. But never be late with your time because it will get finished without you ever getting to use it.

Don’t be early and don’t be late with life, Rather in this journey of life always be on time and have patience with everything.

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Self improvement, motivation, life and life advice

The grass is always greener on the other side

I thought you said there’s was nothing which you couldn’t do, Are you gonna quit and pretend like it never happened, are you just gonna move on. That would be acting like a loser, No as a matter of fact that would be admitting and accepting to yourself that you are a loser.

Just ask yourself this one question don’t answer to me but to yourself “what have you got to lose if you continue”

It never easy to climb a mountain but the how is always great and best at the top, whatever you do make sure even if it’s a choice that you make, make sure that you don’t regret it later.

I mean the gain is always hardly the loss, believe in yourself and do what makes you happy even if the process is long and tiresome know that no man has ever achieved success without stumbling on failure several times first.

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How to make money at home as a teenager

How to make money as a teen

Money is a necessity you can’t do without, originally money is gold, paper money is just like a cheque it’s another form of money just like coins of course the real money being gold.

Money is often considered evil, but I guess there is nothing we can do about it, cause when we need it, we really need it.

There are many ways a person can use to make money but here I have compiled just a few of them a teen can use as a form of making money. You can use these methods anywhere in the world ranging from MEDCS (More Economically Developed Countries), LEDCS (Less Economically Developed Countries), First World and Third World countries. Read and enjoy.


Although this cannot immediately generate an income it can somehow work as an investment for the future. First you will need to grow n audience and only then can you monetize your blog and start earning. You can ask someone to build you your own website or you can join sites that already exist and create your blog from them e.g  Bluehost and our very own WordPress, If you can't afford the plans then don't worry you can start your blog on a free plan and upgrade it later if you have gathered some cent's.

You will need to have a passion for the topic that you will be writing about and you will need to know that the numbers shouldn't matter to you as long as you are doing what you love there's nothing that can stop you from succeeding.


If you know yourself to be good at something then this is something that you should definitely try out.

Handmade crafts
If you are skillful with your hands then crafts are just the thing for you. You can try these set of crafts that I have listed below.

DIY ???????????????
If you have never come across this word then you've definitely been missing out on a lot.
D. Do
I. It
Y. Yourself
And that's the defination.

You can start some diy projects for yourself and here I have compiled a few of them that can help make money for you.


  • Baking and selling cookies
  • Extra lessons to others kids
  • Candle making
  • Photography
  • Art teacher
  • Music lessons
  • Become a Musicians
  • Make and sell greeting cards
  • DIY by recycling old materials and making them new e.g jeans to backpack
  • Sewing (you can offer altering services)
  • Bead work
  • DIY phone covers.

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The man in the mirror

Vision is power

Who’s the man in the mirror, what’s he saying to you, are you okay listening to him or does it hurt. Are you proud of the man in the mirror, Is he glad to be you and are you happy to be him.

If not listen to him ask him what needs to be done to change the way he looks at you, what needs to be done to put a smile on his face.

Engage with him, let him in, open up to him, trust him and make him become your greatest treasure.

You don’t need others to be happy you just need yourself, you just need to be yourself. So live your life just as you are don’t change just because other people don’t approve of you be yourself and be happy with who you are. Always appreciate yourself and your life.

Be content with who you are, You are a blessing to yourself and to us. Never even for once think that you are a curse and don’t deserve to succeed or to live, you are needed and you are appreciated, so thank you for being born and thank you for being just the way you are

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Life’s greatest treasure

Life as a a journey that needs preparation

Greetings to all my reader’s it’s been a week since I last wrote to you, And though a week seems like little time, a lot has happened, making me realize what really matters in life. And so I thought what better way to share my knowledge than to blog about it

Life is a journey that no man is prepared for . It is a journey that one has to start on their own, travel on their own and finish on their own. It is a journey of individuality no one but you can journey it. It is a journey that you only get to travel once in your life and it is your life. It is the journey that has never been travelled and never been explored, it is your journey

In this journey of life you’ve got many turns and pretty much get lost many times before finding your way. If you rush in this journey you will get tired and won’t be able to finish your journey, if you ignore the signs and fail to heed the advice you will get lost, stumble and get hurt so you need to be cautious and attentive.

Don’t worry about what others say, focus soley on your own journey and you will see yourself travel smoothly. Remember no shortcut, the way may be long but it’s rewarding.

Achieve what you can when you can. Have dreams and hopes in life, trust yourself to be able to fulfill those hopes and dreams, be inspired by everything that surrounds you and take a minute to appreciate life every day.

May all be well for you, I rest my case till next time signed well wisher

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Motivational talk of the day.

I’ve been waiting for so long for a miracle to happen, Everyone has lost hope, through the dark I am all alone, having absolutely nothing to lose I shall venture deep enough until the darkness begins to disappear.

When the odds are against me and all the stacks are up and higher, I have but no choice other than to continue, though it seemingly seems that in this journey called life I have come so far that it is further to go back and darker ahead, I feel so lost and so scared that I no longer know what to do.

I am neither moving forward nor backward, I’m only standing still, Time has passed in the form of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and finally years yet nothing has changed even the wind continues to blow in the same direction.

Whatever it might be I shall wipe off the tears and take control. If I fail to believe in myself then who ever will. If I fail to understand myself then who will.

It seems no one is ever gonna give me the helping hand or no one is willing to do so. But that won’t get me down, I’ve been down for too long, it’s high time I pulled up my socks. It’s time I showed everybody my truest self, my truest capabilities, it’s high time I start believing in my self.

It’s time I fought for my sit up there, it’s high time I conquered my way to the top, it’s high time I fought my way into victory, it’s high time I earned my own spot at the table of kings. It’s time that I become a king myself. It’s high time that I get a “You deserve it”only because I worked very hard for it, And so do you.

The minute you give something translates directly to the second you begin to receive it.

In life if you need to be loved or anything else then just start by bieng more loving to others.

The sun will rise one day

One day I will make it

Imagine being born in a country that is Zimbabwe, a country where a teacher earns a salary of about U.S$100 a month, a country where a fast food waitress earns U.S$50 a month, a country where university students who go for attachments are not paid and they just work without pay, a country where a boy goes to school daily looking forward to a brighter future with education only to be disappointed when he reaches university and discovers that there are no jobs, A country where university graduates have no use for their certificates, after graduation you look for employment with much enthusiasm and as the days turn into months and the disappointment settles in on you, You start to look for jobs that are considered minor, even though you have a degree you compete with the uneducated folks for their jobs just so you can get your daily bread.

Life seems bleak, all hope is lost only connections can get you paying jobs, over 90% of Zimbabwe’s population is self employed, everyone and everyone is a vendor. Life is difficult, you can’t pass even two houses without seeing a vending stand. When will things get better, Even this Corona thing has made things even more worse, even those who relied on imports are now feeling the hunger.

As my grandfather loves to say “khulekela ikusasa eliqhakazileyo uzabona izinto zizontshintsha” which means ‘pray for a better future and things will change’
Is this the life that we are destined for.

Thinking about myself, I wrote my A-level exams in 2018 and passed but couldn’t afford varsity so I started an extra lessons teaching business, everything was going well, the little money which I got was enough, well untill my mother lost her job even though nobody asked me, I knew I had to start contributing a little since my father acts like a dead man when it comes to supporting his kids.

Two meals a day that’s how we survive, With my scrawny body I often wondered since most of my peers had gotten pregnant and were now married was it better to get married too, but who would want to marry me, I have a body of a 13year old who is thin and pale. And that’s when I decided that I will no longer wait for things to change I will be the one to change things, My background will not define my future.

Though I may come from a bad place I will do all I can to free my self and my family I will do whatever it takes.

Ways to reduce stress stress

Stress is your bodies reaction to challenge or demand

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension, it can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated angry or nervous, here are a few ways to reduce stress and risk of stress

Step 1 on stress reduction


-Meditating is to focus on ones mind for a period of time in silence or with the aid of chanting as a religious or spiritual purpose or as a method of relaxation
Meditation can help relieve stress in a number of ways as it helps you connect to your inner strength, it decreases anxiety, it helps you to relax and focus your thoughts to one place thus eliminating the bad ones.

Meditation also helps you to reduce and manage stress it also helps you to reverse the effects of stress, meditation releases emotional turbulence

Forms of meditation that relieve stress.

(1)Body scan meditation
(2)Mantra meditation
(3)Bath meditation.

Number 2 stress reduction


-Exercise is a physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning the body.

Exercise helps to relieve stress by increasing your bodys sense of well being and health, it helps you to gain lower blood pressure and it pumps up your endorphins.

Forms of Exercise that relieve stress.

(1) Gardening. (2)Walking. (3) Kickboxing. (4)Yoga (5)Tai Chi. (6) Bicycle riding. (7) Jogging (8) Swimming

Number 3 stress reduction activity

Lighting a candle 🕯️

Lighting a candle helps to sooth our souls, thereby reducing stress and increasing self awareness. Aromatherapy candles can help you to relax, feel calm and energised.

Types of stress relief candles.

(1)Lavender and chamomile.➡️ Helps to relax
(2)Clary sage. ➡️ Lifts mood (3) Orange. 🍊 ➡️reduce stress (4) Lemon 🍋 ➡️improves mood (5)Apple- Controls anxiety. E.t.c

Tune in next time for more

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Part two (How to get rid of all your problems)

Greetings to you all,today I added two more things that will help you live a great and wonderful life and how to get rid of all your problems in life

{3}- Be true to yourself

Most of the times you will discover that half of the things we as people do are not actually doing it for ourselves but for others, you know just so we could feel relavant and accepted by the society or the people. We actually have these hundreds of fake friends that are always there when things are good but tend to disappear when the going gets tough. I don’t know why but we always feel the need to please them by doing certain tasks or by acquiring certain thing’s (ie, the trandiest new fashions), we always have to update them and show them that we are living the best life that one can ever live, Sometimes you have to do things or wear things that make you feel inappropriate just so they could give you a thumbs up(👍) and you will feel happy for that moment in time only to go back to the beginning of that cycle all over again.

Well the best advice that I can ever give is that “Always stay original to your true self” no one can ever usurp that right from you and no one can ever force you to change yourself, because it’s not possible only you can ever truly have an impact in how you want to live your life. And only your originality can give you true happiness, if you are happy with who you are you will never feel the need to change your self, but you will be able to love yourself, care for yourself like no one can ever do. (NB if you are happy about who you are ,you like yourself and are original, chances are high that other people will like you because people like things that are authentic , And only happy people in the world can help spread positivity and happiness.)

{4}- Be content with what you have.

Being sad or unhappy can truly be a problem or challenge in life, mainly due to the fact that we are always hungry for more, we always spend so much of our time mopping over the things that we do not have so much that we end up not realising what wonderful gifts we have and the many things that we are blessed with. We always think that to be happy we have to own certain things like that big house in the most expensive suburb, you know drive that latest car, wear the latest brands and have that supermodel superstar body.

When all of those things are actually material things, things that are not permanent they just come to pass they are not meant to stay. If you think that you have a bad body that is perhaps too thin or too fat know this you are blessed and have have been gifted this body use it wisely and remember that not all of us have two arms and two legs some people are walking on wheel chairs some are bedridden and worse so just be glad that you have a body and the rest can always be fixed, You know you can always exercise to be fit and healthy but you can never exercise and grow a pair of legs, always appreciate yourself and what you have.

I once met someone one who had been told that they would be wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives or could never be able to walk ever again, to my surprise that person was not sad or depressed they were just happy that they had the gift of life and that’s when I started to believe that they was no such thing as disability

You can and you will achieve things if you truly want to. Happy new year

There is no such thing as impossible, impossible is just a word

Always believe in your self, your biggest strength is your ability to dream

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How to get rid of all your problems in life

Living the best life can somehow prove to be a very difficult thing as you are always swamped with things to do so much that you rarely get the time to just breathe and relax.

If it’s not work, then it’s the kids,if not the kids, you are probably stressing over something else. To live the best life without stress, and anxiety you have to be willing to compromise on a lot of things e.g the types of food intake (you can’t be eating fast foods everyday and expect to live a healthy life).

Well here’s a guide from me to you about how to live your best life.

-{1} Do less planning and thinking.

Most of the time when we set out to do specific things we just get so hooked up on planning those things and end up overthinking them so much that we end up leaving them as just plans in our journal, Rather than spending time and thinking what to do when you are free or during a holiday I would advice you to just pick up that suitcase and go on that dream vacation or just pick up that camera and record that first video for your dream you tube channel. You will see the rest will do it’s self, because in most cases we humans forget that we cannot simply plan for life as we are not the ones in charge. Anything can happen to you today or tomorrow so just always make sure that you live your best life without regret. Remember life is full of uncertainties.

-{2} Exercise regularly and eating healthy.

Exercising helps to de-stress and also helps to keep your body healthy and in shape. You will always find that after exercising you will feel a little more happy and a little more fresher

Eating healthy has always been a drag to most of us because want we don’t know is that, that on less burger or fried chips actually makes a difference, what we don’t know is that a burger less is a more healthy life and a burger more is always a crisis in your health matters in the near future. It’s always nobody’s fault when you are lying on your death bed having to die early because of an unhealthy eating lifestyle {but it’s always you who is dying and not the guy who actually sells fast foods which are unhealthy}.

If you are skeptical about this or addicted to fast foods, start slowly decrease your daily inputs of fast foods every day or so and then use the compound effect you will see after a few months the results and also go see a doctor if you feel it might be too late

To be continued………….

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True Christmas meaning

For every year there is a christmas and for every christmas there is always a nice story to tell

A Christmas carol.

Have a merry and blessed Christmas

Christmas Carol short version

This is a story of a miser, Mr. Scrooge who was a very cunning and money-minded man. It was Christmas Eve and everybody was wishing each other, ‘Merry Christmas!’ but Scrooge just sat inside his home all alone. Suddenly, the ghost of the Past appeared and showed him how lonely he was when he was a child. His parents left him all alone. He was always alone in every Christmas. Then, he disappeared.

The ghost of Present appeared and made him realize how happy a poor family was when it was time for Christmas. They didn’t have enough food to eat but they were still very happy. Next, the ghost of the Future appeared. The ghost of the Future took him to Scrooge’s funeral where everyone was criticizing him. The ghost of the Future made him realize that he didn’t care about anyone except for himself and then disappeared.

Finally, Scrooge decided to change his future. He invited everyone to a Christmas party at his house. Each one of them was in shock. That night, everyone went to the greatest Christmas party ever. Since then, Scrooge became the most loved man in town.

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Effective communication

I would like to say that I believe that effective communication is the interaction between any individual’s in a manner that they both understand each other

Hence in this part of my blog I have decided to write about how to talk to your child peacefully and effectively when they have done bad or when they have done that thing that really agitates you badly

Steps to follow before confrontation.

Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale the air slowly, this will help you to calm down and this helps you to clear your mind and relax.

Carefully consider what you are gonna say. Carefully think about how you will be reacting through out the conversation and how you are gonna make him or her realize their mistake or make them realize that they’ve done wrong and need to correct their error, without making them feel like a criminal.

How to call him or her. Call him or her calmly to avoid scaring him or her off, As soon as they come don’t look at them with talking eyes.

How to talk to the child. Calmly tell the child to sit down and ask him to relay the story to you again, try to see the story from his point of view, delay correction and gather more information try to respond to criticism with empathy, don’t shame or ridicule them. Listen to him carefully and don’t bring up past mistakes.

Let them share their opinion. Try to make him or her understand you and why you are disagreeing with him or her, treat the child with respect and ask for the same back

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Where to seek guidance

Today when I woke up I started thinking about life in general. Looking at my age I realized that I have not aged even a single day I still feel young enough, And even my seventy year old grandfather still feels the same and that’s when I came to the realization that only our bodies age not our souls. No matter how old a person is their soul will still be as young as they were the day they came into this world. The only difference between me and my grandfather is that he has done every mistake that I am yet to make,he has made his fair choices of mistakes and bad choices in life and he has seen the right way to go about in life but I have not.

Somehow I have realised that when an elderly person tells you that what you are doing is wrong or you are making a big mistake and bad choices it may not be clear to us young ones in the present and we might even prove them wrong in the short run but in the long run you will discover that they were right and you will be proved wrong.

Sure it’s okay to make mistakes in life but don’t go about making mistakes that you can avoid because some will remain a reminder in life and will haunt you forever. If you are young live,explore, discover but don’t rush life your time will come.

Don’t fight for lost causes ask those who have walked down those roads only they can guide you to your destination.

Don’t bother discovering things that have already been discovered just learn from everyone even your own mistakes avoid those that you have been warned about and you will see how smooth life will be for you
By the time you reach your final years don’t let your heart be filled with regrets but let it be satisfied with how you lived your live.

Learn from those who have walked down the path

The world we live in today

This is one personal story that I have never told anyone about. To be precise about ten years ago 2010 when my cousin was fifteen years old and I was a little younger than that. The football world cup was held in an African country (ie South Africa) which is a direct neighbor to Zimbabwe a lot of tourists visited the countries surrounding South Africa and during this time a lot of cultural exchange was taking place it was one of the most merry times I have ever seen in my life for someone like me who had never seen a white person seeing them for the first time was really an encounter worth remembering for a life time. As always it had its bad effect’s for everyone, hosting the world cup for the first time in Africa was good and bad at the same time. These bad things happened during the world cup and they even went on to last a few months after. In Zimbabwe a lot of foreigners visited the country but not all of them had a good intentions during that time a lot of people especially school children went missing and those that were found were found dead, beheaded or with some of their body parts missing and some were never found. I precisely remember because during that time I lived in a child headed family, When you were heading to and from school and if by any chance you saw a black four by four car stopping near you, You would certainly run for your life due to the fastly increases in kidnapping cases. Even the local police department was warning parents not to let their kids go anywhere without parental supervision, But the cases still grew even with the awareness campaign that were being done mass numbers of children were kidnapped right in front of their parents and most of which were never found. I remember my cousin’s friend who went missing, At that time they were both fifteen years old and they were on their way back from school when a car pulled up in front of them and offered them free transport, At that time being offered free transport while you where a teenage girl seemed to be cool and amazing especially because of the economic crisis that the country had gone through in 2008 (Zimbabwe 2008-2009).And because school kids liked fancy things, When the car offered them free transport my cousin refused because she was almost home but her friend whose home was a little further just jumped into the car and was never seen again. She disappeared in 2010 when she was fifteen years old by now she must be twenty five no one ever saw her again and no one knows what happened to her. The best guesses were that she was murdered and used for traditional ceremonies or she was abducted and trafficked as she was a young girl.

Today as I relay this story onto you I feel a little sad because this kind of crime never stopped but just went under the radar which means they are still happening even though at a small scale in Zimbabwe.

A few months ago a five year old boy from Zimbabwe was found in his rural home dead as he had been beheaded and some of his body parts were missing it’s reported that this boy’s body parts were used for traditional ceremonies (more like witchcraft) by a local traditional healer who seems to have escaped police custody and is therefore on the wanted list.

Some villagers from that area report to have bought strange meat from the sangoma (traditional healer) and the boy’s grandfather who when being questioned ended up confessing to having sold some of the boy meat to the locals as part of the ritual

Join me and raise your voice to stop these inhuman practices being done in Africa and help us save and change lives for the better.

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