Self improvement and motivational skills

Be the change, make the difference

If you think it’s Impossible then it instantly becomes impossible.

What you think about situations usually becomes reality.

At times I wonder, why are we humans so cruel to one another, why do we choose to forget our true selves, our true nature when we are who we are, why do we choose to become someone else when we can be ourselves, why do we struggle so much just to fit in with the people that don’t appreciate us. Why is it that when life gets good for us we forget who was there when the days were dark, why do we choose to sideline the people who truly care about us just because life has suddenly become great. Why do we choose to be selfish every time somebody truly needs us. And why do we choose to go the other way when we see that blind man begging on the side of the street.

Why can’t we be a little giving, a little compassionate, why can’t we be a little, a little kind, a little selfless, a little humble and a little appreciative.

Be the change today and make a difference in the world, teach a thing or two to the people about humanity, make them realise that the world is what we make of it, not individually not as groups but together as the people.

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9 thoughts on “Self improvement and motivational skills

  1. Lokesh Sastya

    We may break sometimes but try to be a little patient. Yes, you cannot write a great blog but you can write a sweet blog, just for yourself. Don’t fear to try new ideas.
    Our fear increases at the moment we submit our work. But after all, we realise that we can do better. We can organise our work.

    We should talk to the people around us. Hear them, they’ll care about you. We should be more humble.

    My one-month growth: Tendency to be self-motivated + productivity+ consistency

    Don’t hesitate to try new ideas…

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  2. kegarland

    I totally agree. I used to take photos of transient people as a way of raising awareness, but then COVID happened, and of course, I wasn’t out and about as much. Once I am though, I’ll begin again ๐Ÿ˜‰

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